The Alumni Relations Office, in conjunction with the Executive Committee of the Society of Alumni and regional association leadership teams, is excited to sponsor Expedition 2009. The process of assembling a team of young alums from the classes of 2008 and 2009 to serve as Expedition leaders is underway – meet them in the ‘Leaders’ section above. The team will traverse portions of the eastern half of the United States in a college van – see the ‘Route’ page above. Along the way, they will engage with members of the Williams family at Regional Association events and check-in with alumni who may not be used to folks from Williamstown knocking on their door. Throughout it all, the leaders will document their experiences with photos, video, and daily blog entries in the ‘journal’ section. As currently planned, the Expedition will last three weeks – taking the better part of the month of July.

A tentative itinerary is posted here and will be finalized soon. Check out when we plan to be in your area and if you have ideas about places we should see, things we should do, or events we should have, please contact us at alumni.relations@williams.edu .

Trip Goals:

  • Beyond the overarching goal of connecting members of the Williams family with one another, we hope to:
  • Foster engagement with the College by taking Williams on the road and bringing Williams to those outside the Purple Valley.
  • Highlight the work of the Society of Alumni, the Executive Committee of the Society, the Alumni Relations Office and the wonderful Williams volunteers who make everything happen.
  • Provide opportunities for Regional Association events and programming.

Posts and updates by the leaders will reside on the Journals Page during the trip. Check back frequently to follow their journey. If the leaders are coming your way, stop by to see them! You might be featured in their daily update.