Expedition 2011

“Cheese without salad just isn’t a salad…”

Hello overcast skies and ominous thunderheads! Today we piled into the van and traveled like the Partridge Family up to Orangeburg, SC for our first match of the spring season.  The trip was filled with many musical musings–the most impressive being the hip hop/rap stylings of Becca from the back… Continue reading »

Skit Night, Serving Dinner, and…Snow?

It. Is. Snowing. Outside. We should have stayed down south. We’re here in Philadelphia, where we have our first set of races tomorrow, against St. Joe’s and Marietta Universities and the UPenn lightweights.  We had our first day of no practice in a while yesterday, which was mostly consumed with… Continue reading »

“I feel like a child learning to swim”

Are you there, God? It’s the women’s golf team.  And we’re ready to start building our arc whenever you give us the go ahead.  Today it monsoon-ed.  All day. However, we remained optimistic despite the early morning pre-hurricane heat and humidity and thunder.  It started to rain as I started… Continue reading »

Sup Skeefs

I’d like to apologize for my long hiatus from this blog.  I really have no excuse other than that I am a bit lazy and that we’re too damn busy winning ballgames. Since we last spoke, the Williams baseball club has reeled off 6 more victories to improve to 12-2. … Continue reading »

Emory Tomorrow!

Four rainy days since my last post – but it hasn’t slowed us down!  On Sunday, we ended the Fab-5 tournament on a high note with an 8-1 victory over #22 Sewannee, the University of the South.  The Sewannee team plays a different style than our usual opponents.  They play… Continue reading »

Sunday: Fun Day

A particularly apropos (and hilarious) Family Circus Hello again, loving readers!  A lot has happened since my last post.  First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room:  Yes, I made something of a miscalculation in my previous appraisal of BB’s (hereafter referred to as “The One We… Continue reading »

Installment Two: Pumped-Up Kicks

Welcome back to the Williams Tennis Spring Break 2011 Blog, especially to Messrs. Hammond, Meyer, and Reich. I was going to write earlier, but then I heard how impatient you all were getting, and I decided it couldn’t hurt to let the anticipation build a little bit longer. So sit… Continue reading »