Expedition 2011

End of May

I know, I know, I know: it’s only mid-to-late April. The “End of May” isn’t for another whole month. But please, let me explain… Nick Lebedoff, who co-captained last year’s team along with his fellow senior/stallion/stud Jeremy Weinberger, always used to sign his e-mails to the team “End of May” —… Continue reading »

Hey, We’re Famous

It’s been a little while, but I just wanted to pass along the link to an article that was written about us in the Navajo Times.  The article was written by Joan Levitt, one of the teachers we worked closely with during our time on the Reservation, and focuses mostly… Continue reading »

Post Trip Entry/ Amherst Weekend

Hello Loyal Readers! I write to you from the library in Williamstown. I very much wish I was still in Arizona playing baseball and soaking up sun. However normal school and responsibilities inevitably returned and now I must face the fact that I am a “student-athlete.” Our baseball trip ended… Continue reading »

Our Final Blog Post

Our lovely host, Deanna Tamborelli, wrote a great blog post about our trip. Check out the blog, and the post here: http://deetambo.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/march-25-2011-my-10-new-besties/ With this, we bid you adieu! Big thanks to all of our readers, hope you enjoyed the blogging!… Continue reading »

Medical Service Trip to Nicaragua – GMT

During the first week of spring break, the Harrison Morgan Brown Pre-Medical Society organized a spring break medical service trip to Nicaragua through Global Medical Training (GMT). GMT is a non-profit organization run by Dr. Wil Johnson, whose goal is to further the medical education… Continue reading »

Hey Guys Remember When I Said

…That there wasn’t footage from Tour? WELL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9BwzMZjqlY I lied. This is Oyfn Pripetchik, a Yiddish folk song about learning the alphabet. Our own director, Dan Kohane, wrote this arrangement. To reiterate, our concert is Saturday, April 23, 4PM, Thompson Chapel. Enjoy the spring! -Craig… Continue reading »


Back in the chilly north.  It actually feels pretty good returning to Williamstown, where the sky is blue, the homework is unceasing, and my frosh are still loveably annoying.  Winning yesterday also helps. We got up at 7am yesterday, late by Myrtle Beach standards, to an awesome breakfast at the… Continue reading »

mustaches, mustaches, NO – Women’s Crew

I’m currently writing from the Cheston family’s dining room table where the 1V is diligently drinking tea and attempting to do homework. Thanks to Cheryl Cheston who is graciously letting us stay with her, and who even outfitted us in warm clothing for practice today (we weren’t prepared for morning… Continue reading »

Mind the Gap!

So, in a flash, the rest of tour happened. In fact, the rest of spring break happened. To recap, our route was: Williamstown –> Palmer, MA –> Clinton, NY And we finished with Clinton –> Binghamton, NY –> Hockessin, DE –> River Edge, NJ Our concerts were… Continue reading »

Lemme Smang It.

Remember the time we went on spring break to South Carolina and it was only sunny for one day? Well today was that day.  And it was beautiful! I woke to the the gifts of the coffee elves (and a little bit of morning blog catch up) on this first… Continue reading »

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