Expedition 2010

Washington, DC: Aaron Jenkins '03

Aaron Jenkins is not a saint – yet. But he definitely deserves some brownie points for meeting with me at 5pm on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. Another Washingtonion, A.J. works in the Cleveland Park area of DC as the Program Director for an organization called Operation Understanding DC. Continue reading »

Washington, DC: Barbara Bradley-Hagerty '81

In several ways, I am not your typical Williams student. I did not play a varsity sport. I was not a J.A. I never lived in Mission. And I don’t like Knock-You-Nakeds. However, in other ways, I am Williams-cliché. And one of those ways, is loving, L-O-V-I-N-G NPR. As a… Continue reading »

Baltimore: Dennis O'Shea '77

Baltimore’s downtown wharf district is a charmer. Dallas, my hometown, is completely landlocked. Not only is it landlocked, but there is nary a tributary flowing through town. So, I have this thing for waterfronts, especially if they’ve been Disney-ed up a bit with historic signs, landscaping, lemonade stands… So, I… Continue reading »

Philadelphia: Bob O'Loughlin '07

I happened to arrive in Philly in time to catch the last few minutes of the Flyers playoff game. I joined my friend Lily (a great friend from my year abroad in Spain) and her boyfriend, Matt at a bar to watch them win it in OT. I was certainly… Continue reading »

Trenton: Adrienne Lu '97

Trenton. Without listing too many stereotypes that would reveal how narrow-minded I could be…let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. I drove to the state capital to meet Adrienne Lu ’97, a Staff Writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Because her beat is the state government and politics of New Jersey,… Continue reading »

New York: Ariel Ramchandani '07

Ariel is a friend I called upon this spring to be part of the research and development portion of the project. As you can imagine, interviewing your friends is funny. You have to pretend to be strangers, asking overly formal questions as if you didn’t kind of already know the… Continue reading »