Expedition 2010

San Francisco: Mariam Naficy '91

Scooting along in our little red Hyundai, we left L.A. to weave our way north to San Francisco. After seeing a good part of the coast, I now understand why Californians are so obsessed with their state. Vineyards? Beaches? Farms? Redwoods? Yes. My chauffeurs Tacos? Artichokes? In-N-Out Burger? Yes… Continue reading »

Los Angeles: Michael Govan ’85

My second stop in Los Angeles was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), to meet with Director/CEO, Michael Govan ’85. The museum stretches along the palm-lined Wilshire Boulevard, a serious artery of the city. Like L.A. itself, the campus embraces a bold, headstrong mix of styles, sending a signal… Continue reading »

Los Angeles: Mayda Del Valle ’00

After leaving the car in my mom’s care in San Antonio, I have hit the west coast to meet with Williams alums in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I gotta say that after driving over 2,000 miles over the course of six weeks, it felt quite luxurious to hop on… Continue reading »

Houston: Stu Staley '88

In Texas, we call a storm like Hurricane Alex a frog-choker. Impartial to who you are or where you are going, this was the kind of rain that would find you. And it found me, for five straight days. No matter what kind of foul-weather gear I donned, I still… Continue reading »

New Orleans: Tim Lupin '93

I’m only a hundred miles away and I already know that I have to go back to New Orleans. For starters, I was cheated out of the romantic visit I think I deserve (I’ve long had a crush on The Crescent City) by Hurricane Alex and his unrelenting rain. But… Continue reading »

Nashville: Brooke Ackerly '88

Despite being from Texas, I am only a fair-weather country music fan. Had I been somewhat more loyal to the cult, however, I might have known that I was visiting Nashville the same weekend as both CMA-Fest and Bonnaroo, two monster music festivals. While Bonnaroo is out in Manchester, Tennessee,… Continue reading »

Louisville: Jeff Lifson ’86

My favorite leg of this journey so far, at least in terms of scenery, has to be the drive from Asheville, North Carolina to Louisville, KY. Not only does it take you through the great Smokey Mountains, but also the bluegrass farm country of Lexington. Sorry, 1-95, I do not… Continue reading »

Charlotte: Carrie Ryan '00

I left the heat and humidity of Raleigh for even more in Charlotte, where I met Carrie Ryan ’00 near her home for lunch. Carrie has written two best-selling books for young adults, The Forest of Hands and Teeth and The Dead-Tossed Waves – and has a third on the… Continue reading »

Raleigh: John Coffey '78 (Grad. Art)

After a weekend stopover in Charlottesville, VA, I set south again for Raleigh, North Carolina to meet with John Coffey – an alum of the graduate program in Art History. He has a few titles, the fanciest of which is Deputy Director for Art and Curator of American and Modern… Continue reading »