Expedition 2010

Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday in Myrtle Beach – our first colder day of the trip. We’ve become so sensitive in this South Carolina weather, today feels so cold! It’s hard to believe that we only have three more days before we head north to race in Philadelphia and then home… Continue reading »

New York: Niki Cosgrove '02

I’m the kind of person that is constantly buying all kinds of new paper goods—journals, sketchbooks, notepads—and never living up to the task of filling them up…until now. Aside from one ketchup-stained page devoted to a fireside game of M.A.S.H. while camping in Big Sur, every single page of my… Continue reading »

New York: Payson Cushman '05

Ok, so I’m cheating right now. After three months of interviews on the road, by the time I arrived home in New York I needed a little bit of good old-fashioned summer vacation. I needed to sit for a little while and do a lot of…nothing. And then maybe spend… Continue reading »

Boston: Kevin Bolduc '99

As I left Maine, it started to sink in that my tour was nearing the end. I was back on 95. It felt familiar and a little boring. I would zip down to Boston and before long, be home. And as strange as it felt to be living out of… Continue reading »

Chicago: Tracy Heilman '88

One advantage of car travel is being able to watch a landscape turn. Back in Chicago, my hosts had sent me off with a bag of popcorn—a sample from their daughter’s new business—and it became my road trip snack of choice. As I drove east from Cleveland, through Buffalo… Continue reading »

Cleveland: Toby Cosgrove ’62

Have you ever been on a date? If the answer is ‘yes’, maybe you can relate to one of the few drawbacks of my summer job—I am a professional dater. And if you are the kind of person that thinks dating is nothing but fun, I think you are crazy. Continue reading »

Chicago: Akilah Rogers ’04

Much to my disappointment, I did not run into Oprah in Chicago. I tried looking for her among the throngs of spectators at Lady Gaga, but I guess Lollapalooza just ain’t her thing. Ho, hum. Maybe next time. I did, however, run into Steve Lunau ’07—a recent transplant from New… Continue reading »

Minneapolis: Anna Morrison '07

After imposing myself on Anna as a houseguest, I thought I’d test the limits of friendship by asking her to also be part of the How’d You Get There? project. She has a great job and a pretty unconventional story, so if she wasn’t the perfect candidate for this project,… Continue reading »