Expedition 2009

The Shock of Graduation (& my first post)

Like many of my friends and classmates, the last few weeks at Williams flew by in a blur. Between papers, finals, and then the celebratory toasts, mad dancing, and the many late nights spent with friends (some even on top of local roofs), the good folks at Campus Life and the wonderful college staff sure do a great job at keeping you busy. There isn't much time to even pack up your dorm room, let alone say real goodbyes to the people that you will truly miss in the next few days, let alone the next months or (more inconceivable to my recently graduated mind) years. Continue reading »

Event Details

As the Expedition send-off draws nearer, we here at the Alumni Office are working to finalize many of the regional events that will take place in just a few weeks. If you haven’t taken a look in a while, the Events page has been changing almost daily for… Continue reading »

A commencement

It was only a few weeks ago when Williams honored the class of 2009 and celebrated its 220th commencement.  It's always striking to me when the start of something (summer, in this case) is more often associated with endings than with beginnings.  In school, I think that's generally the case: the beginning of summer brings to a close a spring semester and another year of college; to the delight of some, surely, but - and especially at Williams - the dismay of others.  Some will have taken their last class; others played their last game as a member of a team. We reckon the close of an era and the relationships & friendships ending, or at least going on hiatus.  But, as someone (Morty?) notes at commencement every year, this is an even more important beginning as well.  There is, after all, a reason for the name of the ceremony. Continue reading »

Expedition Update

With Reunion Weekend in the rear-view mirror, it's full speed ahead on Expedition planning.  We hit the road in under three weeks and everyone in the Alumni Relations Office is working hard on logistics. Continue reading »

Countdown to Expedition ’09

Please stay tuned throughout the month as the Alumni Office prepares for the Williams Expedition 2009. We hope that the site will be fully functional mid-month and of course will be ready on July 7th when our leaders begin their Expedition!… Continue reading »

Stay in touch…

Please visit this section in the coming months and during the summer expedition to read the stories and experiences from our fellow Ephs on the road. Continue reading »

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