Expedition 2009

Birmingham, Alabama

One thing that’s amazing about these events we’ve been attending, and the Williams alumni community in general, is that it doesn’t really matter how many people attend, the energy is always high and infectious.  Our event in Birmingham was no exception. Birmingham is an old steel town.   According to our… Continue reading »

Video- Milwaukee ’13-ers

Video from the Milwaukee Event, held at the Krieg’s home in Wisconsin. We caught up with 13-er’s Sam Krieg, Charlie Sellars, and C.C. Gailfus to get their thoughts upon entering Williams. *emily… Continue reading »

New Orleans

Greetings from somewhere between Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC.  Our blogging has gotten progressively slower as the trip has progressed, so I’ll be updating you on New Orleans, where we stopped last Wednesday, July 22. (We know we’re slow on blogging, but we’re staying busy with other pursuits. Instead of… Continue reading »

When in Nashville…

“Around the corner from Al Gore’s house, five minutes from Bill Frist’s house,” was how our location was described upon arriving at the Bruce household, in Nashville, Tennessee. The Bruce household consists of my classmate Will Bruce ’08 and his parents Bill and Linda, and they had generously agreed to… Continue reading »

On the Road Again

So at this point we’ve been on the trip for nearly two weeks. And while the trip has been AMAZING, the sedentary lifestyle forced upon us by the sheer amount of driving and various fast food stops on the road has started to take its toll. As Professor Dudley emphasized… Continue reading »