Expedition 2009

The Dominican Food Diamond

In our week in the Dominican Republic, we ate all of our meals at the farm, and consequently, we became quite familiar with the traditional Dominican diet. Staples included rice, green bananas (guineo), a delicious starchy root called cassava, and beans. Breakfast usually consisted of fresh fruit (pineapple and papaya),… Continue reading »

A few final thoughts and some numbers

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since the traveling Expedition rolled back into Williamstown, tired and zany to be sure, but in high spirits after such an amazing trip.  We spent a few days in Williamstown debriefing and decompressing, and then each of us eventually… Continue reading »

Last stop: Philadelphia

The last event on the Expedition was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and hosted by Stephen Brown, regional President. The event was highlighted by the last talk with Professor Ed Burger, who continued to amaze with his discussion on the importance (and fun application) of mathematics in real life. Continue reading »

The penultimate

The morning after our rousing event in DC, we picked up Professor Burger and Rob Swann, and sacheted onto I-95 North toward Baltimore.  This was our last day of events, and we had a double-header scheduled – lunch in Baltimore and dinner in Philadelphia. Phew, it was going to be… Continue reading »

Along I-95

I’m from New Jersey, a fact that I relate to everyone I meet with immense pride and satisfaction. (we don’t pump our own gas!) The responses I get after I tell people this generally range from, “I’m sorry!” to “Ah, the armpit of America!” This can get a little trying,… Continue reading »

Richmond, VA

First, I’d like to start out by seconding Ko’s huge “sorry!!” to the alums of Raleigh, NC.  Despite our mishap, they managed to have a very successful pool party! When we finally made it to Raleigh around 5 (around 6 hours past due), we were grateful to Susie ’80 and… Continue reading »

A guest post

For this post, we have to thank Christy Johnson ’92. Christy is one of the regional presidents (along with Anne Kenyon ’86) of the Williams Association of the Triangle, based in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. We’ve asked Christy for some notes about this event because, alas, we missed it. Continue reading »

You’d never know.

(Going back a few days of the roadtrip… we are working to catch up with our blog posts still!) Greenville, SC. After the big houses and fancy downtown of Atlanta, we didn’t know what to expect of Greenville, a small ‘ville’ that most of us have never heard of. Continue reading »


During our stay in Philly, our hostess Mary McTernan generously supplied us practically a full year’s worth of Philly’s very own Tastykakes. For our own health’s sake, though, Jen came up with the idea to share the love while we were stuck in traffic. Enjoy the video. Best thing that… Continue reading »

Oh Atlanta

As Wikipedia informs us, the city of Atlanta, Georgia is the thirty-third largest city in the United States.  There are approximately fifty-five streets with the name of Peachtree. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coca-Cola were both born here.  It is also home to the world’s largest indoor aquarium where one… Continue reading »

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