Men's Tennis

On Saturday, March 19th, the Williams College Men’s Tennis Team will fly to Los Angeles, California for our annual spring trip. In past years, the team has traveled to a number of different locations. Last year, for example, we piled into school vans, unaware of how intimately acquainted we would become with the highways up and down the east coast. Needless to say, we are ready to return to glamorous California. But the point of the trip is not glamour in the traditional sunglassed, flowing-haired California sense; the purpose, of course, is glamour in the Williams Tennis sense, complete with plenty of footwork, overheads, gallon water jugs, athletic tape, and tough, scrappy, glorious victories. After doing our damage in southern California, we’ll head north, ready to introduce the upper half of the state to some misery. Here’s our schedule:

3/21/11: PLNU

3/22/11: Pomona-Pitzer

3/24/11: Pacific University (at Claremont)

3/26/11: Redlands

3/27/11: CLU

3/28/11: Westmont College

3/31/11: Santa Cruz

4/1/11: Sonoma State (at Santa Cruz)

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