About Hallie

Hi readers. I’m Hallie and I graduated from Williams in 2007 as an Art major. I’m the kind of person that can never give you an easy answer to that common question, Where are you from? I grew up in the great state of Texas, but moved to Manhattan at sixteen, and that was only after living in Massachusetts for my freshman year of boarding school. As you can imagine, ‘transitioning’ to Williams was pretty breezy in comparison to my itinerant high school years.

While moving around had its drawbacks – for one, a steady stream of new phone number to memorize, it did inspire an appetite for travel. I grew to love that feeling of discovery when encountering new places and getting to know new people. While I was at Williams, I found myself adventuring off to places like Oaxaca, Madrid, Tuscany, Marrakech, and Marfa – when I detected a promising glimmer of approval. But I also loved life in the Berkshires. I worked for a summer in North Adams, which expanded my Williams experience beyond Sawyer Library and Spring Street, and only deepened my affection for the community.

So, three years after graduating, I find myself on the road again. I left behind an apartment in New York, a few houseplants, lots of good buddies, a wonderful family, and not to mention, a job as a brand strategist that wasn’t exactly as fulfilling as I would have liked—all to find a little more meaning and do something that I love. Recently, I learned that the word job comes from the French verb gober, meaning, “to devour”. For some people, a job is something that devours. It’s the grind, the rat race, a kind of war of attrition. But I’m pretty much turning that on its head to do something that I can devour, work that will keep me ferociously wanting to work even more.

I can’t wait to travel the country, meeting the Williams grads that will be sharing their stories. I feel darn lucky to be part of this amazing group. Go Ephs.

Feel free to reach out via email: hallie.davison@gmail.com