The Octet

The Octet is Williams College’s oldest acappella group. This translates into amazing alumni, time-honored traditions and a long history stretching into the 1940s. Doe-eyed Oc-Frosh are bathed in embellished stories of past Octet glory and are reminded that “This could be YOU!”With such amazing history comes responsibility, and a pertinent question: can the current Octet have as much fun as Octeters of the past? Read our spring break blog to find out the answer, as 10 Oc-bros pile into one white van, and drive down to Atlanta, GA, to sing, be merry and add the prefix “Oc-” to any activity we find ourselves doing together. Reader discretion is advised. 🙂

A rough outline of where we’ll be on our trip:

Friday 18th:  NYC, NY. Seek out Octet Alumni.Saturday

19th: Swarthmore, PA. Swarthmore College.

Sunday 20th:  Washington, DC. Georgetown University.

Monday 21st:  Winston-Salem, NC. Wake Forest University.

Tuesday 22nd:  Atlanta, GA. Sing at the Puskas’ residence for the Atlanta Williams Club.

Wednesday 23rd:  Atlanta, GA. Sing at the Capital City Club for the Past General Charimen’s dinner.

Thursday 24th:  Athens, GA. University of Georgia (UGA).

Friday 25th:  Unknown… Most of the Octet will likely vanish for the remainder of the break. Pete Mertz, Rob Paternak, Paul Kiernan and I will slowly make our way back up to Williamstown in an entirely unplanned return roadtrip.

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