Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday in Myrtle Beach – our first colder day of the trip. We’ve become so sensitive in this South Carolina weather, today feels so cold! It’s hard to believe that we only have three more days before we head north to race in Philadelphia and then home to Williamstown. On the water we’ve been doing some boat selection and started to settle into more consistent lineups in anticipation of racing. Today we did our first practice starts, which is a sure sign that the spring racing season is fast approaching. We’re still finding ways to occupy our time when not on the water. Last night, the freshmen went out for a special class dinner while the varsity group stayed at Briarcliffe for dinner. The idea was to have a “luau” where each cabana cooked something to share with everyone. I can’t explain how we ended up eating tacos at our luau but they were delicious (despite some unconventional preparation techniques from the men’s team.) Also, it turns out that coach Wells is an expert at marinating chicken.

We’re looking forward to our last few days of practices here, which will culminate in the first “Williams race day” of the season. Every Wednesday in the spring all of the Williams boats line up and race each other starting on timed intervals based on the New England standards. It’s a great way to see how each boat is doing and to use the strength of our entire program to make everyone faster. Wednesday night will bring another equally important team event – the annual spring break skit night. The competition is sure to be fierce, especially if the freshmen men’s skit involves ribbons and dancing like last year…

Sending warm thoughts to Lake Onota,