Richmond, VA

First, I’d like to start out by seconding Ko’s huge “sorry!!” to the alums of Raleigh, NC.  Despite our mishap, they managed to have a very successful pool party!

When we finally made it to Raleigh around 5 (around 6 hours past due), we were grateful to Susie ’80 and Roger Camp P’10, who still graciously agreed to host us for the night.  They also took us out for North Carolina BBQ at The Pit, where we proceeded to overeat for the 21st day in a row.  For readers that have never eaten NC BBQ: you’re missing out.  This kind of BBQ is very different from “traditional” Kansas City style BBQ ribs; Carolina BBQ is chopped or shredded pork covered in a light, vinegary sauce.  At the beginning of the trip, Jason was adamant about reviewing regional foods across the country.  This plan never materialized (except for a scribbled down list of food rating categories”such as “messiness” “distinctiveness” “healthiness” and “taste”), but if it had, Carolina BBQ would rate near the top of my list.  It’s not nearly as messy as other BBQ, and the vinegary sauce is completely addictive.  YUM.  (I think the other expeditioners liked it, too.)  Dinner was even more enjoyable because we were joined by  Kate Nolfi and Eugene Korsunisky, both ’08.  I was good friends with both Kate and Eugene at Williams but haven’t seen them all year, so it was wonderful to catch up with them.  Kate is entering her second year as a PhD candidate in Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill, and Eugene preparing to apply for graduate programs in Industrial Design.

Our next stop was Richmond, VA, where Steve Carter-Lovejoy ’74 and his wife Janice hosted us.  Steve entertained with a great tour of Richmond, and also by sharing stories about his own life experiences.  Steve is a librarian, and used to work at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he considered himself primarily an academic librarian.  However, as time has progressed, Steve says that he is no longer as concerned with reputation and is now much more interested in helping people and giving back to the community.  (Despite these altruistic intentions, Steve says that he still fields a lot of questions on where to find the bathroom!)

Our evening event was hosted by Steve ’64 and Beth Gillispie P’04.  This event was especially exciting, because the once active Richmond association hasn’t hosted an event in more than 2 years!  Jason enjoyed chatting with Peter McChesney ’75 about their shared interest in the environment.  Peter currently works for a water company, and at Williams he was one of the first Envi concentrators at Williams.  It was also great to see younger alums in attendance, such at Broderick Dunn ’04 and Anna MacIntosh ’02.  Broderick is working as a lawyer, and Anna is working in advertising.

Lee Camp...
Chatting around the pool
More alums!
More alums!

Two alums with a great story are Sonya Waddell ’01 (Ravindranath at Williams) and Bill Waddell ’62.  Bill hadn’t been to a Williams event since he graduated 47 years ago, but he was interested in the idea of the Expedition, so came out to meet us and other Virginian Ephs.  When we asked him what interested him about the Expedition, he made some vague comment about seeing a photo on our website of “people doing things in the back of the van.”  We weren’t really sure what Bill meant by this comment, but after some prodding, we realized that he was talking about the lovely picture of me and Jason pumping iron (in the form of water bottles) in the back of the van.  To refresh your memory, here’s the picture:

Just a little refresher

And, Bill was such a good sport that he agreed to participate in our water bottle calisthenics! (our second workout of the 24 day trip!)

Nice form, Bill!  However, we might need to work on your intensity...
Nice form, Bill! We might need to work on your intensity though...

We hope Bill and Sonya make it to more Williams events in the future!

Finally, we can’t mention Richmond without mentioning the Camps, a longstanding Williams/Richmond family.  Lee Camp, honorary  alum ’63, graduated from Smith in 1962 and lived in Williamstown for the following year while her husband finished up at Williams.  They lived in married student housing in Vogt House, the current home of the Development Office, and Lee worked as an Admissions Officer for the year.  Her daughter, Elizabeth Camp Hanson ’88, also lives in Richmond, where she teaches at the Virginia Military Institute.

We had a wonderful time in Richmond.  Thanks to all our hosts and guests; you guys are a great group!

Until next time,