Williams Expedition

  • Yes, this was a selfie.
    Well, Spring Break has officially begun and . . . wait—what?  Spring Break started over a week ago, you say? ...
    During the first week of spring break, the Harrison Morgan Brown Pre-Medical Society organized a spring break medical service trip...
    Southerns Chumpions!
    I can’t lie, our first tournament, Southerns, did not go as we expected. After hitting up the men’s basketball Final...
    Ephoria does Ben and Jerry’s!!
    los marranitos
    Stay tuned for some exciting guest bloggers! (Thanks to Prim, Brooke & Deanna for photos!)
    Emma and Mike find a baby turtle on the beach!
    Smiling faces beautiful places – South Carolina’s state motto (spotted at a gift shop)! I know it’s cheesy. But I...
    Freshmen in race day purple - trailer is loaded!
    I’m currently writing from the Cheston family’s dining room table where the 1V is diligently drinking tea and attempting to...
    The walk from our house to the school took about 10 or 15 minutes, but it offered some beautiful views.
    These are just eight of the hundreds of pictures I took while on our trip.  I’ll post the link to...
    Team Practice in New Jersey
    Hey everyone… greetings from Hotlanta!
  • Expedition 2011

    Welcome to Expedition 2011 – Williams Spring Break.  From March 18 through April 3, students from athletic teams, A Cappella groups, service projects and academic programs traveled the country and the world in the name of Williams. Student bloggers were enlisted from each of the groups to share their experiences with you. Learn about them in Blogger Bios and read about how they met with alumni, donned their Eph uniforms, lent a hand and pursued academic interests outside the Purple Bubble.